1. We (the owners) will grant you (the holidaymakers) a licence to occupy the property for the period of your booking.  All bookings are made on the basis that the property is to be occupied by you for a holiday, that the licence granted by this agreement is not a tenancy and and that you have no right to remain on the property at the end of the booking period.


2. Bookings cannot be accepted from persons under 18 years of age.


3, A deposit of 1/3rd of the cost of the holiday must accompany the booking request. The deposit is only refundable if the booking is not accepted or if it is cancelled within two weeks of making the booking (unless the booking is made within 8 weeks of the letting date, in which case the rules in paragraph 5 apply).


4. We recommend that you take out holiday cancellation insurance when you make a booking.


5. Once a booking is confirmed, you are responsible for the full balance of the cost of the holiday. This shall be paid not later than 8 weeks before the booking is due to commence.  If the booking is made within 8 weeks of the letting date, the full amount is payable immediately and is not refundable.


6. We reserve the right to re-let the property where any monies due are more than 14 days in arrears.  If we re-let the property for all or part of the period of your booking, we will refund all or the appropriate part of payments you have already made, less a cancellation fee of £25.  In any other case, you will remain liable for the outstanding balance of the cost of the holiday.


7. In the event of the accommodation becoming unavailable (for example as a result of fire or flooding), we will refund all monies paid or a proportion in the case of curtailment. We cannot however pay any compensation or expenses as a consequence of such an event.


8. If you wish to cancel your booking we will endeavour to re-let the accommodation, and if successful the balance of the cost will not be due as in paragraph 6 above or, if already paid, will be refunded.  The deposit will be retained. 


9. If you wish to alter your booking, we will endeavour to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee that changes will be accepted.


10. No smoking is permitted inside the property.  Smoking outside is permitted but all ash and cigarette ends must be disposed of and the area left clean.


11.Pets will be accepted by prior arrangement only.  You will be solely responsible for your pet during the booking period and will be liable for any damage or injury caused by the pet.  In particular if you wish to bring a dog, this must be declared at the time of booking.  Only one well behaved dog can be accepted and must be kept under careful control at all times.


12. We ask dog owners to observe the following rules (failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave without compensation)


  • Dogs must be under strict control at all times while in the property
  • Any fouling of lawns etc. must be cleared up without delay.
  • The dog owner must bring the dog's bed or basket for sleeping in.
  • Dogs are not permitted upstairs at the property
  • Dogs must not be left alone in or outside the property at any time.
  • Dogs must not lie on chairs or sofas, and hair must be cleared up before departing.
  • Dog owners must ensure that their pets are free from parasites and fleas before they occupy the property.
  • Any damage (which must be reported to us immediately) or extra cleaning may incur an additional charge


13. You shall keep the property and all furniture, fixtures, fittings and effects in or on the property in the same state of repair as at the commencement of the holiday, and shall leave the property in the same state of cleanliness and general order in which it was found.  You must report and pay us the cost of any damage or breakages made during their holiday occupancy.


14. Your right to occupy the property may be forfeited without compensation if:-


  • More people or pets than declared at the time of booking or before the commencement of the holiday, attempt to take up occupation.
  • Overnight guests are entertained without our express permission.
  • Any activity is undertaken which is illegal, or may cause unreasonable damage, noise, behaviour or disturbance.
  • Smoking takes place inside the property.


We will endeavour to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.  Any complaints or problems should be notified to us straight away and we will do our best to resolve them.



Rock House Cottage